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Who knows what we were talking about?

Maybe about the badass stage of Club From Hell Erfurt. Maybe we talked about how we wanted to play that night or that we didn't want to go home and end this first part of the tour.

We have lived many things together. We shared wishes, confessions, fears, joys and dreams.

We return home stronger and ready to keep fighting. And amazed at how far we are getting, being a small Spanish underground band.

We work hard. Nobody gives us anything.

We are very grateful to have the incredible fans that we have. Thank you so much! See you soon!

Thanks for capturing the moment Martin Gruber

Jul 21 - Laurus Nobilis Music Fest Aug 12 - Festival Rock Nalón - Asturias Sept 29 - KRATER ROCK CITY - Ciudad Real Sept 30 - Sala Moby Dick - Madrid Oct 04 - Subside Bar - Birmingham Oct 06 - The Vortex Bar and Nightclub. Wakefield Oct 07 - The Green Door Store - Brighton Oct 08 - Mcp-Apache Music Evenements - Fontiane LÉveque Oct 11 - Musicon - Deen Haag Oct 12 - Pitcher - Rock'n'Roll Headquarter Düsseldorf- Dusseldorf Oct 13 - L.A. Cham - Cham

Grab your tickets: More dates to be announced. Stay tuned!

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