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🔪USA TOUR 2019🔪

We are stoked to announce this tour! It's a dream come true and something very big and important to us. We are going to travel throughout all the country with the best companions, the amazing bands Frantic Amber, Casket Robbery and Blackwater Drowning. Thank you very much to all the people that are excited with this tour and asking about dates. We can't wait to be with you! More info will be published soon! Stay tuned! Thanks to our agent, agency and all the people and sponsors that makes this possible. What amazing team! And also thank you to all the people and sponsors that support us every day! RIND Entertainment Female Voices Of Metal- 2019 EMG PickupsMANIC PANIC ESPAÑA Metal Hammer España X-Metal TOUR GUIDEFacundo Novo Sergio Mangas Murcia Barbara Navarro Soler

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