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ARE YOU READY FOR OUR CONTEST? IT'S EASY AND FUN! ​ Send us your videos or links of you singing or playing 'Fatal Frame'. Send us your stuff by private message or mail : ​ Feel free to share your cover on social networks! That will be super nice! Please, use our hashtags #synlakross and​​ #synlakrosscontest ​ Do it your way! You can do it in your style. ​ Deadline for submission: August 18, 2019 ​ The winners will be announced on August 29, 2019 ​ There will be prizes for the winners: Our new t-shirt (We ship worldwide) Photo prints We will share de video winners on our social networks Best videos will be on our website, on our section 'Curly Wolves Legion' ​​ Don't be shy and send us your videos! We eagerly await your videos!

Full information, song, lyrics, instrumental base, etc, here:

Join in and participate!

#­SynlakrosS #FatalFrame #Contest #metalcover #cover #metal#melodeath #killermetal #malicemurder Patricia Pons Roronoa Osborne Synlakross Iván Synlakross Aarón Synlakross Patricia Pons - SynlakrosS

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