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We want to thank everyone who sent us comments of support yesterday. Our van broke down yesterday while driving on a Swiss motorway and we stayed for 3 hours (mostly unde the sun) waiting for the tow truck. We had to rent a car at Zurich airport (in case you're wondering: expensive) instead of a new van. We drove during six hours, almost non stop, to Rockclub Nordbayern, carrying half of our stuff literally on top of us. We'll drive like this until tomorrow when we can rent a van. We arrived 2 hours after the time we were supposed to start playing. No time for sound check, warm up, change of clothes... and we barely ate and drank during the day. Thanks to all of you who waited for us! We had a great time with you guys! Seeing you there, on such a stressful and hard day, was very important to us. We want to thank Alexander and all the Rockclub Nordbayer staff, Ravenpath and Ereley for their patience and kindness. Thanks for making it possible! Hoping to come back soon.

See you today at the Ballonfabrik in Augsburg!

PS Why do we seem so happy? Someone farted when we took the picture

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