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We are been forced to canceled the USA tour for this year. There aren't Female Voices of Metal. We have sending mails and messages the last four months to Tom Hooks, RIND Entertainment and other of his projects, aking for information and explanation about why there has been no development in the tour plans, but with no response back.

Only 6 dates were published, instead of the long tour from May to August for which we had signed. And that ignited the alarms. We were willing to face any problem, we were willing to change what was necessary to make this tour happen, and his response during these four months has been silence.

We have turned down other gigs, we have left jobs, and more things because of this tour. We trusted him and we were thinking to work with him more closely. And one day he cut all communications. He left us with nothing for the next months.

Yesterday, we decide to send him a message to warn him that we decided to make this announcement, (we are always polite) Finally he answered us asking for forgiveness. Without any explanation and without any compensation.

We don't give up! We are going to work to play in USA asap. We wish to play one day with Casket Robbery Frantic Amber and Blackwater Drowning. They are amazing! Please, support them. And also we want to say thank you to Dan White, Metal In The Mountains, and Mikey Skelton for their kindness. And of course, thanks to Dani Piercer for his work and dedication. This is not the end for us, just the beginning. See you soon!

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